Eiffel Tower. This site has the coolest ideas for refurbishing furniture and unique design.

Decoupage dresser with book pages plus Eiffel Tower drawing or try sheet music. Many ideas on "Upcycled Dressers: Painted, Wallpapered, & Decoupaged" - OMG! Now I know how I want that spare dresser repurposed.

folk art painted buffet

This is how I'd like Mom's family chest to be rosemaled. Such lovely work in Norwegian colors.

A Little Beeja: Peter Hunt and DIY inspiration

I recently went on vacation to Cape Cod, and at a museum I read about an artist called Peter Hunt whose work is, in my opinion, really w.

Nice colorful chair

Painted chairs - find a couple inexpensive chairs at an antique mall or something and do a cool paint job, have kids write whatever.