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Альтернативная утилизация. Рулоны от туалетной бумаги - Ярмарка Мастеров…

Junior Fritz Jacquet uses recycled cardboard and toilet paper rolls to create whimsical little masks and character sculptures. He uses a folding and crumpling technique.

home made alcohol inks

's Arts and Designs: Homemade Alcohol Inks - Artists How To - This recipe makes a ton of alcohol ink. 1 teaspoon of liquid RIT Dye to a cup of Isopropyl alcohol. Makes a lot. Artist states next time she will try teaspoon dye and cup alcohol.

How to Make Candles

I remember making these in Girl Scouts! Ice Candles: wax/crayons, old taper candle (you can just use a wick but a taper ensures wax is touching all parts of the wick for even burning), ice, old milk/juice cartons. Melt wax, place taper candle in center o