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many people wearing masks in the dark
10 Years Later, 'V For Vendetta' Is One of the Millennium's Most Influential Action Films
V for Vendetta still felt much darker and morally chaotic than your average Hollywood film, let alone than typical comic book adaptations.
a black and white drawing of a man with a hat on his head holding a cane
Stylendesigns - Hair+Tattoo+Nails+Designs
KidSTUFF: V for Vendetta by KidNotorious
V for Vendetta
+The Vendetta+ by Alia-the-white on DeviantArt
V for Vendetta
the v for vender logo is lit up in red and black, as if it
V for vendetta ²
a painting of a clock tower with feathers on it's head and an angel in the background
V for Vendetta - Art V Cancer Print
V for Vendetta - Art V Cancer Print