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a black and white drawing of a tie with the caption'ben tahlam cycle selyere '
an illustration of a cartoon ironing board with the words doun - ma wanar sini
an image of a black and white drawing with the words budda seilr, but da gecer
a poster with puzzle pieces on it that says yurumden dusen bin para
an illustration of a chest with the caption sandigin gibi deglii
an advertisement for the ice cream brand icm silk - lyror is shown in black and white
a black and white drawing of a stove with the words gazza gelidi on it
a book cover with an image of a magnifying glass and the words cook da buyimeye gerf yok
an image of a camera with the words cck cetim cook on it
an image of a washing machine with the words ben sana donu - gem
a book cover with an illustration of a glass of wine and paper on the bottom
an advertisement with a pot and two spoons in it, which reads pat diye palamak uzereym