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BTS'İN +18 TATLI VE ÇILGIN TEPKİLERİ BİR KAÇ SMUT İLE BİRLİKTE #gençkurgu #Genç Kurgu #amreading #books #wattpad

From now all, all Jungkook pins will just have "." to symbolize how done I am with him.

Was is it so cute when Jungkook eats? He looks just like a bunny

This is one of the reasons ARMYs nicknamed him "bunny". Look at this boy eat dat seaweed

BTS, Jimin proposing to Namjoon. Kookie looks so jealous..

BTS, backstory jimin got tired of being rejected by kookie and went to rapmon and now jeon kookie is jelouse and wants jimin.and is looking at them in the back very jelouse

counting the days til I bring you back to me eventually .❁

❛ Gosh watch how Taehyungie transform from a cutie innocent boy to a FUCKING HOT MAN in second this kills me gosh ❜