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sunflowers and lavender flowers are in the foreground with a sunset behind them
Three major shades of lavender
pink tulips are growing in the middle of an open field at sunset or dawn
The Flower Path -Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2009 photo by Bryan Swan on Flicker
two people sitting under umbrellas in the middle of a field with pink flowers on it
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Beautiful Fields in Hillside Hokkaido, Japan
a field full of red and white tulips at sunset
Torches to The Horizon
Wooden Shoe tulip fields in Woodburn, Oregon (Mt. Hood on the horizon) • photo: Gary Randall on Flickr
rows of pink tulips in the middle of a field with dirt roads running through them
Pink Tulip Field
tulip fields
a field full of sunflowers under a cloudy sky
Sunflowers at Arne
Love this photo, open fields, flowers and an ominous sky.
the sun is setting over a lake with wildflowers
Field of Flowers
a field full of red flowers with trees in the background
Fields of flower
a field full of yellow flowers with two trees in the distance and one lone tree at the far end
Oilseed Field under cloudy skies, Mancetter, England
an empty road surrounded by colorful trees
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New England in Fall