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Senem Oğuz

Senem Oğuz
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LIGHTING. Himalayan Salt Lamp I have a huge one that does the whole house. I prefer the naturally shaped ones. It absorbs negative ions in the home given off by electronic devices of all kinds; many other positive health benefits associated with these. Make great nite lights for kids and the natural orange colors helps with sleep. I love the ambiance they bring to the room.

Carved from all natural Himalayan Salt Beautiful orange coloration from over 80 naturally occuring minerals adds comfort to any setting As Natural Ionic Generators, our salt lamps have been reported to help many sleep longer and feel more rested

Stash Collapsible Bottle by Hydrapak

Stash is a collapsible bottle from Hydrapak that makes it simple for you to convey. Convey various bottles would appear to be a waste in your sack, particularly when you’ve tanked all the substance and all you have left are unfilled containers.

Doritos Packaging Concept on Behance

Doritos packaging conceptThe shape and the texture of the Doritos chips are used as the base for this packaging concept.The packaging's structure can keep the chips closed after opening.