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Tip: Absent Bin to place missed work inside the folders (which are labeled days of the week). Also have a sign off sheet to verify that the absent student received the work.

Synonym Garden

Vocabulary Pin 2 Synonym flower using paint samples. Could use for digraphs, word families, blends, rhyme, alteration etc. Ideal for a bulletin board or classroom display.

Got caught reading snapshot display or bulletin board -- or on blog/Facebook page?

So neat! Got caught reading snapshot display or bulletin board. Fun wall in Bible class. Parents encouraged to snap pic if they catch their child reading the Bible during the week. Can email to teacher to print.

Cute sign for outside the door to practice sight words!

sight word password- post it in the hallway each day students have to tell it to you to enter the room! Could use this for the weekly vocabulary words also! We were pinning the words to our shirts but this is so much cooler!


This is a super cute and hands-on lesson to teach even and odd numbers using Even Steven and Odd Todd. I might even give Even Steven an even number of fingers and Odd Todd an odd number of fingers.

daily reflection using a beach ball

Way to end every day- LOVE IT. May not want to keep a beach ball around. Instead do a pick-a-stick method (fun exit ticket)