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Leg hair and people<<Wow, what a weird caption. Let's change that to "feminist vs misandrist views on leg hair", good?<<< wow, what a weird caption.

And then, and THEN you find the song that is perfect for what you need, like the song picks you when you need it most << yea and for me it's usually the same song every time xD it's called Say Anything by Marianas Trench

Awesomeness Level: Keanu Reeves. I have a serious crush on this man.

Faith In Humanity Restored - I never knew any of this. So sad someone has had to go thru so much pain. He always has seemed like a down to earth guy- He knows what is important in life. Not materialistic things. I'm even a bigger fan of his now.

I do! And it is a blissful place of peace and joy! In that place, as in the reality of this place, it was not muslims who came up with these things! If a muslim had come up with one of them, without muslims, another surly would have without difficulty. Because as we know, it is Yahweh God's will, not pagan idol allah's!

"I hate Muslims". I really hate it down to my gut when someone is so racist. Terrorists are bad, yes. But not every Muslim is a terrorist! I've not dated guys or been friends with certain people because they said ignorant, racist shit like that.

Made me take a step back.

"I wouldn't title myself a feminist, but that's horribly true." If you think it's so true person who commented this, I'm sorry to break it to you but you're a feminist, end of story, stop being afraid of the title and start speaking up about equality.

The Conflation Of Religion And Ethics

There are: good Christians and evil Christians, good Muslims and evil Muslims. Alternatively, there are ethical people who live without religion and evil people who live without religion. Religion does not always correlate with ethics. Get over it.