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100 Day of School Project - just made me think of my grandma who will be 100 in Feb.

100th Day of School Activity - Give the students a cut-out of the numbers 1-0-0 and let them create a picture. Blog post by Jessica Lawler @ Joy in the Journey

100th Day paper chain- I actually remember doing this in kindergarten. Pinterest sure does bring back memories...

100 day of school project using 100 Lego pieces.

These hands-on activities are perfect for celebrating the 100th Day of School. The students will have so much fun!

100th Day of School. However, for younger children, I would use separate pieces of paper and have children put the color dot in little circles....maybe 5 to begin with.....depends on the development level of the child.

*FREEBIE* Celebrate the 100th day of school by having students practice counting, adding, and number recognition with this 100th day Roll and Color sheet.

Great post detailing a variety of 100th day activities. I LOVE this hall banner that students walk through!

100th Day Of School Poster Projects | All about Home Ideas