free form ceramics

I so love this dinner set. Ceramic bowls & plates with gold rims. By Laura Letinsky.

remember you can weave stuff into the clay after think outside of the box!

"West elm pine needle clay vases" Wonder if the pine needles around here would work for something like this.

New Ceramic Leaf Wall Hanging by Renee Boyd. Gorgeous forms and textures reflecting New Zealand plants

Reneé Boyd : Ceramic 3 Leaf Set - White/Blue - Clever Bastards: The best of New Zealand art & design, leaf dish, ceramic leaf dish

Mexican style

Batik Amarillis made in Indonesia proudly presents Batik Amarillis' folklore vol Transylvanian skirt mini obi belt it's a unique folkloric skirt inspired by traditional costumes in Transylvania, with meticulous intricating Hungarian embroidery

ceramic tile by zoer

Ceramics studio, Suomenlinna by zoer. I'm normally a fan of functional pieces, but I really like this.

Les 2 Potiers - Grand pot

Les 2 Potiers, France, ca. large cachepot with original rope, decorated with water-green and blue slips

Small Ceramic Wall Sculptures Τοίχος -Μικρές Συνθέσεις | Anastasaki Ceramics

Small Ceramic Wall Sculptures Τοίχος -Μικρές Συνθέσεις | Anastasaki Ceramics

TÁCITO FERNANDES, CERAMISTA.: EM PROGRESSO II: peça confeccionada exclusivamente em placa.

I really need to make something similar for the river house! W/ a string of lights inside!