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four different types of cartoon characters are shown in this image, each with their own name
HS, Steampunk, Punk & Goth Disney Princesses. Funny how just changing the color of the dress can change so much more..
a bunch of tattoos that are written in different font and numbers on the side of a sheet
Many of my friends started out with stick 'n poke tattoos... Some of them were extremely well done, but others had to be done over with traditional tattoo guns. All depends on what you are going for! These ideas are cute to me.
two woman's hands with tattoos and rings on them
Alex Tabuns
a horse with flowers on it's head and the words i would remove the flower part around its neck
Horse tattoo
a drawing of a horse with the word love drawn on it's back side
horse tattoo*
a cruise ship is docked in the water next to some tall buildings and palm trees
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