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a man sitting in a chair reading a book with the caption saying, savamaj brakyvorm, buntu veda say
the starry night sky is shown with stars in it and an inspirational quote on top
an older man standing in front of a house with a quote on it that says,
an open book with some type of writing on it's cover, sitting on a table
an open book with some type of text on the page and in it's center
Murathan Mungan. #murathanmungan #edebiyat #kitap #şiirsokakta #şiir #alıntı - Devamı İçin Tıkla! - Güzel Sözler ~ Sozler.in
an open book with the words lora written in black and white ink on it
two pictures with people walking down the road and one has an open book in front of it