Sergul Kocagoz

Sergul Kocagoz

Sergul Kocagoz
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toile de Léa Rivière - Léa Rivière's painting .©Léa Rivière toute reproduction en partie ou en totalité interdite/ art/ horse/ chevaux/ painting/

Thompson Landry Gallery showcases both the very best of the new generation of contemporary artists, as well as the great masters of Quebec.

Epehmera: Ceramic sculpture by Mark Messenger whose work is an expression of his personal mythology. His work encompasses a blend of drawing, painting, modeling, & pottery techniques. It is through these mediums that he explores social, political, & psychological the form of narratives. His clay characters interact with objects whose origins are found in history, mythology, religion, contemporary life, media, & art.

"Ephemera" by Mark Messenger (ceramics) / Crocker Museum of Art Permanent Collection - Sacramento, California - hand art

TÜRK  Yörük Kızı

Turkish Yoruk girl - the Yoruks are a nomadic tribe, primarily inhabiting the mountains of Anatolia