Serkan Çoban

Serkan Çoban

"Milletim nev-i beşerdir, vatanım ruy-i zemin..."
Serkan Çoban
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m 👌 with Tutor - Richard Henry Nice to be back on the Artistic vibe… Will recreate this one soon i.A My effort was a mess ✊

shyrdak patterns - Google Search

These felt rugs, known as Shyrdak, is an old tradition of the nomadic Kyrgyz people. These rugs are pieces of art, incorporating sacred myths and symbols and the cyclical rhythm of the nomads world…


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Felt - unique Shyrdak felt rugs - Rugs

Felt - unique rugs for traditional and contemporary interiors - the first company to source shyrdak felt rugs direct from nomadic makers across Kyrgyzstan and import them for sale in the UK.