Raging at the Bull: Occupy Wall Street Posters From Occuprint.Check out the five films in the Occupy Block Saturday May Maysles Cinema in Harlem

Obama 2012

Dave Kinsey for Obama 2012

Dave Kinsey, Poster promoting the re-election of U. President Barack Obama (D),

Something to think about...

Frightening (to me). Slavery, racial segregation and presidential election 2012


Muslim Brotherhood warns Egypt's generals

Muslim Brotherhood warns Egypt's generals Islamic group claims victory in elections and threatens to flood streets if military continues to 'rebuild old regime'

Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot: 'we still burn with desire to take Putin's monopoly on power'

Pussy Riot trial: prosecutors call for three-year jail term

Rodney G. King, Symbol of Police Brutality, Dies at 47

Rodney King Dead at 47

June 2012 - Rodney King,who became nationally known after being beaten by the LAPD dies at the age of 47

Republicans lose election

Republican right weeps over Obama's victory – then begins internal civil war

Republican right weeps over Obama's victory – then begins internal civil war The clash between diehard conservatives and modernisers will dictate the fate of a party which increasingly seems to appeal only to angry, older white Americans

Ahmed Jabari (bottom right) poses with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal (bottom left) in Cairo last year.

In pictures: Israeli air strikes

Images from the Palestinian territory of Gaza after an Israeli air strike killed the military commander of the Hamas organisation, Ahmed Jabari.

President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, right, and their daughters Malia and Sasha, left.

Ordinary people: the middle class aspirations that give the Obamas their appeal

Barack Obama wasted little time on Wednesday as he headed back to Washington hours after celebrating his election victory in Chicago and securing a second term in the White House

Crackdown on African Immigrants Tugs at Israel’s Soul

Crackdown on African Immigrants Tugs at Israel’s Soul

Since about sub-Saharan Africans have slipped into Israel, and tensions caused by their presence have prompted a tough new policy to stem the influx.

Der Spiegel'in Netanyahu'lu Merkel'li müthiş kapağı!

German politicians have lately shown a penchant for weighing in on whether Islam belongs to Germany. A clear understanding of history, however, is often missing from the debate.

do you see the irony?!

Reuters A State Department official on Monday said there would be a "significant international response" if North Korea were to mount another nuclear test. In a conference call with reporters, State Department Acting Assistant Secretary Susan Thorn

The Petraeus Pentagon of Love

Petraeus’s Pentagon of Love: Five Key Players -- NYMag

Hamas' military chief in Gaza Ahmed Jabari killed by Israeli fire

Hamas attacks Israel with 115 rockets. kills chief Ahmed Jabari (via haaretz)