Kadıköy / Moda beach 1950s

Kadıköy / Moda plajı - 1950 ler --before the current govt changed the tone and now women are covering their heads.

1917; Galata Köprüsü

Young water-sellers on the Galata Bridge in Istanbul.

“@IstanLOOK: Tahtakale, 1930'lar #Eminonu #istanbul #birzamanlar ”

İstanbul LOOK on

“@IstanLOOK: Tahtakale, 1930'lar #Eminonu #istanbul #birzamanlar ”

Istanbul 1869 by Abdullah Freres

Abdullah Freres, "Turkish women in traditional Ottoman dress, Istanbul, Turkey," 1869

[Ottoman Empire] A Mother and Her Child, Istanbul, 1880s (Bir Osmanlı Annesi ve Çocuğu, İstanbul, 1880'ler)

[Ottoman Empire] A Mother and Her Child, Istanbul, (Bir Osmanlı Annesi ve…

Three women from the home state of "Thessaloniki," the province of Central Macedonia in the Ottoman Empire, from left to right, "Christian", "Jewish," "Muslim" in 1873.

Three female clothings one could find in Ottoman Thessaloniki : Jewish, Bulgarian, Muslim. 1873 Full caption: “ Studio portrait of models wearing tradtional clothing from Salonika, Ottoman Empire.