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Crocheted Flower Necklace Oya with semiprecious by fatwoman

Crocheted Flower Necklace Oya with semiprecious stones - Bridesmaids Gifts ( Listing is for SEVEN necklace) - fatwoman

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Ochre yellow viscose scarf (made of a double layer of fabric) embellished with 9 multicolored crocheted circles, 3 in the middle and 3 on each end.  Dimensions: Length: 175 cm / 69 in  Width: 9 cm / 3½ in  Was this not exactly what you were looking for? Have a look at our other long scarves here: section_id=19373449  If you like to see what else we have in store:

ochre yellow scarf with multicolored crochet circles, mustard

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