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Nyout, a race game from Korea that two, three or four can play.  Players move their horses around the track according to the throw of the casting sticks, taking short-cuts when these are available.  The winner is the player who first gets all the horses around the track.  But beware: opponents can knock horses off the track, making them start the journey again!

Nyout is a Korean race game for two, three or four players. Each player races their pieces, or "horses", around a track to try to be the first one .

Do your kids ever play learning games?  Which is their favorite?    Shisima - An Fun & Cool Math Game from Kenya - at B-Inspired Mama

Looking for a cool math game for some summer learning? Throw in some multicultural learning, too, with this free printable math game - Shisima from Kenya.

The fascinating history of modern numbers

How our numbers came about. A little article about math which is both easy to understand and really interesting.

Japanese multiplication Definitely going to show this on Tuesday!

How Japanese Kids Learn To Multiply.um, yeah, and this is why our kids cannot figure out how to do math in school this year.TEACH THEM TO MULTIPLY instead of stupid ways to draw pictures and figure out the answer!