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Anatomy drawing reference; drawing babies; baby poses // gesture drawing  baby

Baby Sketch / Drawing Poses- People (body parts), Animals, calicaturas, plants…

Holly Irwin Fine Art

Fine Art, Figure Paintings in Oil and Mixed Media


Pixar's Up Poster re-design. Wander Postcard Project: Adventure Is Out There! By Doug Penick

Karakter Tasarımı - Yürümeye Başlayan Çocuklar 1 / Character Design - Toddlers 1 #draw #drawing #yürümeyebaslayancocuk #Toddlers #sketch #sketching #eskiz #cizim #art #digitalart #digitalpainting #digitalrenklendirme

Young girl female character design by Steve Thompson

Pixar UP - Carl's stages of growing up/older

Disney Concept Art Up's Carl Fredricksen's Age chart from Pixar Animation Studios Up ✤

Jing Hua's Art Blog

Child children drawing little girl

alyssa petersen blog: more Owned concepts

alyssa petersen art: more Owned concepts

PrincesseCamcam Illustration

Jus like my Ava

Just a step by step of a try on a tutorial by loish.

Just a step by step face tutorial by loish.