Love this staircase. Donated by Abraham Kamondo, a Jewish banker, the baroque-styled Kamondo Stairs (or Kamondo steps) are located in the neighborhood of Karaköy in Istanbul, Turkey.

It is one of the oldest Istanbul hamams dating back to Selim II’s era. The bath section was built by the famous Ottoman architect, Sinan, in A visit to Çemberlitaş hamam can be one of the best Turkish bathing experiences under the huge dome.

30 famous places that you MUST see Sultanahmet (Blue Mosque) from Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey CHECK

【 Istanbul ·NIGHT】Galata tower, Istanbul - I walked across the Galata bridge and all the way to the tower; what a city!

Tea plasure at Pierre Loti Hill & Coffee house Sep 2008 Eyu p, Istanbul For Eng [link] For Tr [link] listening to Istanbul

Salacak Plajı, Üsküdar, İstanbul. 1940'lar.