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an arabic text is shown in green and white
an image of a man with a beard in front of the sun and text that reads,
the screenshot shows an image of a key and some other items in arabic text
an arabic text is shown in the middle of a photo with other words on it
an advertisement for the muslim festival with a man holding up a circular object in front of him
an advertisement with the words in english and arabic on it, which are also written in two languages
a little boy is holding his head in front of him and has an electronic thermometer on his forehead
the back cover of a book with words written on it
an image of a blue plaque with some writing on it
a man in a turban is holding a racket and looking at it
an image of a person on a cell phone with the caption in english and arabic
the words are written in different languages
Ramazan’ı Şerif’inSON GÜN (arefe günü)NE YAPALIM? *1000 ihlas okumak*ikindi sonrası dualar kabul*ezana 1 saat kala 1 vakıa/Ali imran 36-37*son ongün 100 Kadir suresi*son ongün Yasin 82.-83. (1001)
an advertisement with the names of different languages in purple and white, on a pink background
the text is written in different languages and it appears to be english or arabic,