Купить Вязаный клатч "Бежевый и мята" - бежевый, мятный, аквамариновый, клатч, вязаный клатч

Link is in Russian, but I can see this is recycled t-shirt "yarn" very nicely upcycled into a clutch. Even the tassel!

Cute little backpack made by prinsessajuttu. Basic instructions. in Finnish.

hope I can figure out the pictures to make this cute little backpack made by prinsessajuttu. in Finnish. Especially since I don't read Finnish--

Ravelry: Ombré Circles Tote Bag pattern by Annaboo's House

Carry everything you need in this perfectly-sized bag. It’s based on a giant circular-centred granny square motif and crocheted by holding two strands of yarn together.

Mochila autumn www.kralentik.nl

style with some tweaks, button strap that can be shortened and the drawstring button thingy