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a wooden clock with an image of a castle in the background and a moon above it
work — Nebula Creations Co.
two wooden plaques depicting skeletons with wings
Angel by mtomsky on DeviantArt
an intricately designed piece of paper is shown in the process of being cut out
2018 & 2019 — Gabriel Schama
an intricately designed black and gold plate is shown in three different positions, including the top
Triffid by mtomsky on DeviantArt
two wooden coasters with intricate designs on the front and back, one is carved from wood
Snug by mtomsky on DeviantArt
a wooden box with an image of a wave on it
a painting with white and purple designs on the bottom, in front of a dark background
Harry Potter Tribute Show: Expecto Patronum
paper cut art depicting fairy and flowers in the forest at night with light up shadow box
an intricately carved wooden panel with different designs
I Build Fantasy Worlds From Laser Cut Wood
an assortment of decorative wooden items including trays, knives and spoons with dragon designs on them
New Laser-Cut Wood Illustrations by Martin Tomsky — Colossal
two wooden carvings depicting an owl and a ship
I Build Fantasy Worlds From Laser Cut Wood
two wooden plates with different designs on them
Forest Dragon by mtomsky on DeviantArt
three pieces of art that are made out of wood
Laser-Cut Wood Artwork by Martin Tomsky