Pulled thread. I learned these techniques from my grandma!

Il Piacere del ricamo: gennaio 2012 like whitework on seams

¡Ay, qué bonito!

Волшебная нить

Picture tutorial: embroidered basket with flowers

Ура, я снова с вами, все дела срочные закончены и я наконец написала два новых этапа. Знаете что я хотела сказать, за последние пару лет я...

: The long-awaited second phase of SAL Citta Part

ptos. para bordar

Rope stitch - a series of closed up twisted chain stitches to form an embossed rope. Uses the twisted chain stitch.

Dado el éxito que tuvo este post, quise buscar algunos patrones gratuitos para que puedan descargar y bordar lo que se les ocurra. Si bien la mayoría entregan sólo el diseño -cosa que podrían hacer…

There& a new Free PDF Pattern available! You know what that means: go snag it while you can! Am I correct in sensing you want a bunch of succulent patterns?


gorgeous tree embroidery by mellow stuff - great idea

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Hand Embroidery, Punto Croce, Embroidery

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Hand stitching technique: DIY Needle weaving, embroidery method, handmade, from…

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