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Disney Love

Jack and Elsa & Merida and Hiccup- two couples that would be amazing but could never happen because they are combos of Disney and Dreamworks movies

Scott McCall

How many STUPID lighting designers does it take to put a strong side light on Tyler Posey's face? So far, one in season one in season 3 and one in season For God's sake it's the final season!

Scott McCall , Tyler Posey

Teen Wolf don't mind me stiles stilinski derek hale Scott McCall allison argent jackson whittemore lydia martin erica reyes isaac lahey boyd vernon i uploaded the entire set because of a contest

teen wolf gif

Blue Moon: McCall Pack by Nenz Where does this road go Where will it lead Away from this dark place, Sorrow in its seed. Our soldiers though have fallen It never lessens the pain The strength it took to fight this war But not all in vain Where will.

Beatiful  girls

Beatiful girls