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a pink cake with gold stars and sheep on top
Beautiful Cake Designs That Will Make Your Celebration To The Next Level
a white cake decorated with flowers and butterflies
a close up of a cake with a woman's face and body painted blue
Ice Queen
a white and blue cake with a woman sitting on it's top tiers
Ice Queen
a cake with a doll sitting on top of it
Lady Halloween
a woman with flowers and butterflies on her head holding a butterfly in one hand while wearing a flower crown
Sugar Art Museum Collaboration
a heart shaped cake sitting on top of a white plate covered in chocolate and drizzled with blood
Sideserf Cake Studio | Feel-good hyperrealistic cake content!
there is a cake that looks like a woman sitting on top of a cake with white frosting
Ice Queen
the cake is decorated with an image of a woman in a white dress on it
a lamp that is sitting on top of a table
SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo - South Florida's Biggest Cake & Candy Expo | Class Terms & Conditions
a statue of a woman holding a bow and arrow
Cake International Birmingham 2014