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the cover art for deftones by mike thrash
Green deftones widget ✰
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three men standing next to each other with the caption i want a deftones boyfriend
the words how i be listening to deftones in front of an image of a cartoon character
Hehehe mine 🖤
two heart shaped mirrors with the words beeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeware on them
a person holding a bottle of coke in front of a mirror with the caption deftones on it
You taste foreign....
two women dressed in black and white with the caption'radiohead bf dettones gt '
a woman sitting in front of a pink wall with words written on the wall behind her
a sign that is on the side of a building with graffiti written all over it
an older woman holding up a book in her hand and standing next to a bike
the dvd cover for deftones de phone's around the fur, featuring an image of a woman