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Art - René Lalique - the World-Famous Glassmaker, Perfume Bottles, Car/Automobile Ornaments, Vases, Art Deco Glassworks
Terraced Bowls - Perfect for the classic olive oil and balsamic vinegar combo. Or soy sauce and wasabi.
This chair is defined by its space, with near invisible strings as the seat, is the most captivating part of this furniture.
considertheaesthetic: “Our initial idea was to create a luxury product, the product of the highest standards. Sophisticated, fresh and modern, should be differentiated from other brands in the category, through innovative design and successful branding.” Tamara Mihajlović
Even the reflections are works of art. I want this in my house right now!
Ukrainian designers HoleRoll have created a unique window blinds that double as spectacular works of shadow art.
Su böreği kadar leziz ama çok basit bir tarifim var. Evet bildiğiniz fiyonk makarna ile su böreği yapabileceğinizi biliyor muydunuz? Mutl...