caglamla karsilikli

Şalgam is a popular cold beverage from southern Turkey’s city of Adana made from dark turnips and violet / black carrots. It is made with black carrot pickles juice, salted, spiced, and flavoured with aromatic turnip (çelem) fermented in barrels.


'Ayran or laban is a cold beverage of yogurt mixed with cold water and sometimes salt; it is popular in many Central Asian, Middle Eastern and South-eastern European countries. Turkey is the biggest producer of ayran in the world,and has researched

Türk Kahvesi

Today we will give you the recipe of Turkish coffee. There is no need to talk about because it is already very popular and known worldwide, if you like coffee, however if you haven’t tried the Turkish coffee yet, you shouldn’t lose more time!

Turkish Tea – Enjoy A Glass Of Tea

Turkish Tea is had after each meal, and it's a reflection of hospitality. When in Istanbul, have it at small local tea houses in Sultanahmet.

Gin and Tonic

Absolut New Orleans Jazz Collins Cocktail Recipe - Drink Recipe for a Jazz Collins Cocktail

leffe brune  best dark belgium beer

leffe brune best dark belgium beer


The Highbrow Paleo Guide To Binge Drinking: Mitigating the deleterious effects of ethanol on health (or, How To Get Shitfaced With Impunity).

Black Americano

Before I went backpacking around Australia in 1999 I had never drunk coffee. In fact, I thought coffee was gross. My experience of coffee was the powdered instant coffee that my parents made, and in the