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an iphone screen showing the price of two different items in one place, and another item on
a white sheet with numbers and words on it that say saving or investing goals for 2012
The Importance of Setting Financial Goals
a bunch of paper that is on top of a table with some words written in it
the $ 5, 000 in 100 days game is displayed on top of a piece of paper
How I Am Saving $5,000 In 100 Days! (Nearly There)
a table that has numbers on it and the price is $ 10, 000 in five weeks
How to Invest in the Stock Market in 3 Steps
How to Invest in the Stock Market in 3 Steps • Open a Brokerage account • Connect your bank account and put money in • Choose positions (index funds, ETFs, stocks, REITs, etc) Do your research and make well thought out decisions! Free guide to stock investing for beginners at • Search “stock” Follow for more financial education! 🥰