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The folded Peahole edging can be easily worked along a straight edge, but one can also turn corners while stitching this edging.

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I ❤ embroidery . .  Video Tutorial for Bullion Knots! The bullion knot – sometimes, the name strikes fear in the embroiderer’s heart! But it shouldn’t be so. With a little practice, bullion knots are actually pretty easy. There are a few tricks to making them even easier for you, so I’ll talk about those tricks below, and in the video, I’ll show you how I make bullions. It’s a little different from the way you’ll see them diagrammed in books, but I think it’s a lot easier.

Video Tutorial for Bullion Knots!

The Bullion Knot used in Hand Embroidery. For more information on the bullion knot and other hand embroidery stitches, visit Needle 'n Thread: www.

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