Alberto Zuccoli

Alberto Zuccoli

Travel, discover and cakes! That's the key. :D
Alberto Zuccoli
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Gorilla Bot by fightPUNCH - Darren Bartley - CGHUB

Cyborg Gorilla and Lemur Art — GeekTyrant-Here's a couple of really cool and interesting concept helmet illustrations by CGHUB artist fightPUNCH, and they feature a cyborg gorilla and lemur. There's no story behind these; they just look awesome!

Not the monkey just the way it looks.

ArtStation - Gorilla Creature Design & Fur Ball , Dongjun Lu

My first Creature Design tutorial is here: Gorilla Creature Design & Fur Ball Confusing between Gorilla and Orangutan. XD This is a 4 hours and 11 minutes real time video with audio of step by step how to design and paint a gorilla creature start with

GorillaBot Picture  (2d, sci-fi, mecha, african, gorilla, massai)

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