/ Фото #12 - croche - yeditepe

ru / Фото - croche - yeditepe---Russian Album has lots of crochet patterns---usually doilies and mats---and cross stitch charts too

Duplet 138 p44. Four beautiful filet lace edgings with floral motifs. Charts on next page.

Duplet 138 Four pike kenar dantel örnekleri beautiful filet lace edgings with floral motifs.


Crochet - Thalia Atalaya - Álbumes web de Picasa/ one of these butterflies would make a really cute pillow!


This one in Portuguese - my translation left something to be desired, but the pictures are fairly self explanatory. Direct link to pictorial ~ crochet petal edging. Beautiful, but wouldn't want to have to cover a vast area with this stitch.

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