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Ruins on Mount Nemrut, Turkey, burial site of kings, date from the first century B. (Over PS'd photo, but still an amazing place I really want to get vack to Turkey and see!

The Bosphorus Villages of Arnavutköy .. Turkey

The Bosphorus Villages of Arnavutköy, Turkey. Arnavutköy is a historic neighborhood in Istanbul, famous for its wooden Ottoman mansions and seafood restaurants, as well as the campus of the prestigious Robert College with its centennial buildings.

Istanbul , Turkey

The narrow Bosphorus waterway divides Istanbul and separates two continents, Europe from Asia.

Fortaleza de Rumeli Hisari | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Fortress of "Rumeli Hisari", Istanbul of the Bosphorus was built by "Fatih Sultan Mehmet - The Conquerer of Constantinopolis, later Istanbul" in


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Mardin in Turkey

You'll find this beautiful cobblestone street in Orvieto, Italy. The city is in central Italy (Umbria) and is said to be among the most dramatically situated in all of Europe, rising above almost-vertical cliffs made of layers of volcanic ash.

Sinop Turkey

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