Орнамент и стиль в ДПИ - Silks for the Sultans - текстиль из музея Топкапы, Стамбул

Silks for the Sultans - Textile Museum of Topkapi, Istanbul - Ornament and style DPI

Ottoman Silks Originally a design hand-woven in pure silk for a child\'s kaftan of the last quarter of the 16th century and believed to be worn by the princes of Murad III (1574-1595). Only 71.5 cm in length it has short sleeves and the front is cut on the diagonal as with all traditional kaftans. Inventory number 13/265 from the Royal Wardrobe Collection, Topkapi Palace, Istanbul. 4 / 6

Ottoman Silks Originally a design hand-woven in pure silk for a child's kaftan…

Princes’ Kaftans from Ottoman Turkey  1550-1600 (made) Middle East, Textiles. Child's kaftan in two parts, brocaded silk with design of staggered gold medallions against blue ground, probably Istanbul or Bursa, Turkey, 1575-1625  These three kaftans were worn by Ottoman princes who died when they were children. They were preserved in imperial tombs where, in accordance with Ottoman custom, they were placed over the graves of the deceased.


Princes’ Kaftans from Ottoman Turkey (made) Middle East, Textiles…

Child's kaftan made from woven silk patterned with floral sprigs. Turkey (made) ca. 1600 (made)  Woven silk Dimensions Height: 75.5 cm, Width: 73.2 cm bottom hem-line


A child prince's kaftan, circa Heavy brocade with metal thread (‘kemha’). Uncommon star pattern (Mühr-ü Süleyman / Solomon’s seal).

Early 17th century kaftan worn by Sultan Ahmed I (1603-1617) as a child.  Silk brocade ('kemha').The composition consist of pine cones in the form of stylised cypress trees woven in gold, surrounded by tulips and carnations and set in floral medallions with tulip finials. (TOPKAPI PALACE MUSEUM).

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Osmanlı, Giysi Ottoman Clothing And Garments, Kaftan

Ottoman Clothing And Garments, Caftan, Selim I The Terrible.Selim), nicknamed Yavuz (traditionally translated as "grim," but closer to "stern" or "implacable" in meaning) (October – September was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1512 to