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ABB Quilts: One-Block Wonder - Getting started

One-Block Wonder - Getting started

I'm using this book as a guideline to making my own one-block wonder quilt. The book has pretty clear instructions, and the photo illustrations are really good. The technique isn't new by any means (anybody remember Stack and Whack by Bethany Reynolds?!) and it uses a ton of fabric, but at least it's just ONE fabric. And there's the beauty of it - one fabric that produces a hundred different blocks. You'll see. Follow along with me..... The fabric I'm using isn't what I would have picked out…

Quilt Art by Olena Pugachova: Tips Taken Away from my One Block Wonder Workshop
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Tips Taken Away from my One Block Wonder Workshop

This past Saturday I taught a workshop on the One Block Wonder Technique at the Eastern branch of the Irish Patchwork Society. It was a busy but satisfying day and I think the participants enjoyed it. I don't have a lot of photos from the day, but I thought I'd share those which have resulting blocks in them (pity I don't have everybody's), as well as the tips we were able to take away from the day. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished quilts, though finalizing the layouts may…

Florence Hervey
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Florence Hervey

One Block Wonder I | Carola Walczak | Flickr
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One Block Wonder I

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One block wonder--done!
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One block wonder--done!

I don't think I'll be doing another one soon, although it was an interesting experience! Thanks for the help I found on this site--the tutorial and

Kris Smoley

Kris Smoley

wonderful design


Eggs of the Rainbow Serpent

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Timeless Treasures |   Hexified Panel Quilt by Elizabeth Granberg: Tuscan Poppies
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Timeless Treasures | Hexified Panel Quilt by Elizabeth Granberg: Tuscan Poppies

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OBW Gallery

Using Panels for a OBWDownload Charlie the Unicorn, OBW # 70 The Tree, 66′ x 68″, OBW Number 69 Saturday Evening Post, OBW Number 68, Measures 58” x 70” Northern Lights, 64″ x62…

Quilted Textile Mosaic 31 - Strips Sewn. Ready to press the seams flat. Quilt by Bruce H. Seeds
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Quilt 31 - Strips Sewn

Ready to press the seams flat.

one block wonder using panels


one block wonder using panels

From The Quilt Board. Uses 60 degree ruler.
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My new quilt

I just finished this top yesterday. I so love doing these. I give 100% of the credit to the fabric designers with these gorgeous colors and patterns.