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the ultimate cocktail guide for every type of drink
How To Make 30 Classic Cocktails: An Illustrated Guide
How To Make 30 Classic Cocktails: An Illustrated Guide — Medium
a chocolate cake with raspberries next to a can of guinness
Black Magic Guinness Cocktail
Guinness Black Magic Cocktail supergolden bakes
two glasses filled with drinks and garnished with leaves on the side, sitting on top of each other
Baileys Martini
Baileys Martinis are the ultimate cocktail for St. Patrick's Day!
there is a sign that says paradise cocktails on the side of a table with drinks in it
This Paradise Cocktail is Crazy-Cool Looking, Also Delicious
With grenadine, coconut rum, pineapple juice, and Blue Curaçao, this Paradise Cocktail is so visually striking you will fool everyone into thinking you're an expert bartender/mad scientist.
a person holding up a tall glass filled with honey bee tea and lemon wedges
The Tequila Honey Bee Is a Riff on the Classic Bee’s Knees With a Kiss of Mezcal.
The Tequila Honey Bee Cocktail: Bartender Nick Korbee, the executive chef and beverage director at Egg Shop in New York City, uses honey in his tequila cocktail, with a touch of smokiness thanks to a mezcal wash, which goes brilliantly with the sweet nectar and tart lemon.
the text reads 10 drink recipes you can light on fire matador network
10 Drink Recipes You Can Light on Fire
10 drink recipes you can light on fire - Matador Network
a blue and green drink sitting on top of a table next to a slice of lemon
Sweet Poison Cocktail Recipe
Sweet Poison Cocktail Recipe -