How To - Arm Knit a Blanket in One Hour |

The ease and simplicity of arm knitting is put to good use in the One Hour Arm Knit Blanket. This thick and quick beginning knitting blanket is shockingly easy - even for those who have never arm knit.

Knitting baby hats

Carissa Knits: Preemie Hats for Charity - my favorite baby hat to knit. Good for newborns and the pattern is very easily adaptable. I cast on 80 stitches and used the Flakey Baby Sock pattern from Jujube and Lolo.

Baby Jiffy Knit Sweater free pattern......I've made this sweater over a dozen times. Quick and easy!!

Wishing I was Knitting at the Lake: Baby Jiffy Knit Sweater: free knitting pattern.some crochet is included in this pattern but there are plenty options in knitting that can replace the crochet part

Links to several knitting patterns for children with pictures

Top-down with lace on raglan line; plain stockinette all over, even on the neck which makes it self-rolling; eyelet row for threading ribbon at Empire-waist height. Barbara Ajroldi's knitting designs for babies.

Soft Vines Baby Blanket

Soft Vines Baby Blanket

This quaint baby blanket knitting pattern makes a charming addition to any baby& nursery. The delicate lacework combined with the soft mint hue of the Soft Vines Baby Blanket gives off a pleasant, soothing vibe.

Grannyknitter's version of a free Eyelet Baby Cardigan pattern by Jennifer Little. Trefoil allover eyelet. Pattern (pdf download): ; Photo:

Grannyknitter's version of a free Eyelet Baby Cardigan pattern by Jennifer…