two color pattern for a sweater

two color pattern for a sweater relief rilievo

Flower and lace overshirt - free pattern

camisola de crochet [ "Crochet gold - Flower and lace overshirt", "Crochetpedia: Long Sleeve Shirt provare a fare in lana", "This has been a trend all year with crochet insets. I have a couple of blouses with crochet insets in the back.

Crochet Lace Jacket ~~ ~~ LiveInternet -

Crochet Lace Jacket ~~ ~~ LiveInternet -

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Hand embroidery takes this simple knit cardigan from plain vanilla to spectacular. I've saved two or three patterns I could embellish like this. (Okay, I probably have a hundred patterns I could spiff up like this!

(pineapple crochet runner)

Tip Toe through the Two Loops

pineapple table runner - photo only; possibly Laura Wheeler Design also from American Weekly 3170