A ton of Disney Princesses and others, drawn in the "comic book style"

A ton of Disney Princesses, drawn in the "comic book style"

In this post we will featured some pretty awesome and sexy Disney princesses, done in a comic book style. Jeffrey Scott Campbell is an american comic book artist and the author of this version for adults, in a pin-up style, of the famous Disney princ.

Here be a poor bloke walkin' the plank. A Pirate's Code must be followed, or else! Pirates!

From the "Book of Pirates" – Walking the Plank, 1887 written and illustrated by Howard Pyle

Walk the plank of life with acceptance #yoga #chronicillness

Funny thing, in the book, its the boys and not wendy who are supposed to walk the plank. It is sad to know that not a boy was looking at her as Smee tied her to the mast; the eyes of all were on the plank: that last little walk they were about to ta

Pirates Only

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