Yuri Gehrman - still-life of grapes and a butterfly

Grapes Of Juicy Black And Shiny Green, Soon In My Mouth Quicker Than You've Ever Seen! ~ Yuri Gehrman ~ Still Life Of Grapes And a Butterfly.

Julian Alden Weir, Still life, 1902-1905

Julian Alden Weir – Still Life – 1905 – Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis

still-life - Sweet temptation by Myc'Art  http://www.paintingsilove.com/artist/mycart

Sweet temptation by Myc'Art

Be Home, Natural, Raw, Organic:    This curvaceous, natural bamboo fruit bowl is a piece of art unto itself. Filled with fruit or veggies it could model for a lovely, still-life painting. This bowl is reversible and can be used on either side.    Approximately 16" in diameter. Due to its artisinal nature, actual size may vary slightly.  Price: $40

This unique fruit bowl will make for an impressive display and will liven up your kitchen table. It is a versatile material, sustainable and an eco-friendly alternative to timber or manmade materials.