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Low-Calorie High-Protein McMuffin Meal Prep! 💪🏼 Easy & Delicious Breakfast
Ingredients: Lean protein source (turkey sausage, turkey bacon, lean ham, or egg whites) Whole grain English muffins or a healthier bread option Light cheese or a lower-fat cheese option Optional toppings: Sliced tomatoes, spinach, avocado #HighProteinMealPrep #LowCalorieRecipes #HealthyBreakfastIdeas #McMuffinMealPrep #ProteinPackedMornings #EasyMealPrep
Keto Brioche Bread Loaf
Strawberry Oats with a chocolate shell 🍓🍫
Meal Prep Breakfast Sandwiches 🍳🥪
a stack of waffles with syrup on top and the words healthy protein waffles
Healthy Protein Waffles - Damn Delicious
Healthy Protein Waffles - Damn Delicious
High Protein Breakfast Sandwich🥪
Kickstart your mornings with @lowcarbstateofmind's high-protein breakfast sandwich. Easy to make and incredibly satisfying, it's perfect for those on the go. A delicious way to fuel your day and meet your fitness goals! 🍳 #HighProtein #Breakfast #EasyRecipe #HealthyLiving #MacroFriendly
a waffle topped with cheese, tomatoes and avocado
Healthy high protein Cottage cheese waffles
How to make healthy gluten free high protein cottage cheese waffles that taste delicious
Savory cottage cheese bowl 🥰
5min · 1 serving This savory cottage cheese bowl makes for an amazing high protein snack or breakfast! Ingredients • Cottage cheese • Grape tomatoes • Olives • Avocado • Egg • Olive oil • Micro greens • Chili oil crunch (optional)
Spanakopita Egg Muffins (Easy Egg Bite Recipe!)
These egg muffins are inspired from the savory Greek pastry spanakopita, a savory pie loaded with spinach, creamy feta, fresh parsley, and mint. For this easy egg bite recipe, I keep the same delicious flavor but skip the phyllo crust. It's a gluten free, high protein, make-head breakfast that’s super satisfying!
3-Ingredient Caramelized Bananas
Healthy Caramelized Bananas 🍌🍯 This easy banana recipe is the perfect sweet addition to every breakfast bowl, dessert, or serve it with some greek yogurt and granola and have it as a little snack.
How I Lost Over 40 Pounds
Kickstart your day with @stephby._'s go-to high-protein breakfast, boasting a massive 40g of protein! It's a delicious, nutritious way to fuel your body and achieve your fitness goals. ������ #HighProteinBreakfast #HealthyEating #MealPrepIdeas #Nutrition #HealthyDietPlanToLoseWeightFast
Everything bagel homemade
Protein Granola