I wish gadgets still looked like this. Bakelite had that almost-jade look. Wouldn't a laptop look great like this? Decopunk!

~ 1937 Art Deco Kadette "Clockette" model radio in aqua/turquoise

playground crochet art Playground Crochet Artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam’s- playground crochet art. This colourful Playground took her 3 years to crochet. I think this is an amzing piece of art to look at as well as it being for practical use.


Selective hearing aids for men. My dad must have told my husband where to get one

They say with age comes wisdom so therefore I don't have wrinkles I have wise cracks.

1380047_10151814914783022_1939640283_n.jpg 960×640 pixels

1380047_10151814914783022_1939640283_n.jpg 960×640 pixels

'the lithe clock' by studiove

Latest collection of Lithe clock with small and minimalist decorative but still has high artistic value, this wall clock suitable for a modern and dynamic