Paper Plate Phases Of The Moon  Unit 2: Moon Additional Activity (Not in book, but a good activity to go along with Day 2)

This week we learned about the phases of the moon from our big kids. They are studying about the moon, so we did an art project together!

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Menta Más Chocolate - RECURSOS PARA EDUCACIÓN INFANTIL: Universo: Manualidades

I love this homeschool activitiy! Oreo cookies to learn the moon phases.

Den bilimleri

Den bilimleri

A partir de materiales comunes crear nuevo material con una funcionalidad diferente y mas didáctica.

Designer: Christoph Brach Project Name: A Second Nature Department: Man and identity (Design Academy Eindhoven)

órganos humanos de fieltro mi cuerpo se sentía la estera historia de Happyfeltworld

Felt human organs felt my body mat felt story play food