If I only had this as a kid - 9GAG

If I only had this as a kid

How to play with shadows ;) - Collection of super handy and creative hacks, tips and ideas.

Holding hands pop-up heart Valentines

Hand holding hearts pop up Valentines

DIY Pop Up Valentines Template from The House that Lars Built. For hundreds of DIY Valentines’ Ideas go here. For another DIY Hands/Heart Card, here is one from the Bulgarian site krokotak here.

Birthday cupcakes classroom chart :)

Old loo rolls would make the perfect holders. Paired with toothpicks makes this a relatively easy, but very effective project.

cool photo booth idea

Herding Kats in Kindergarten: Classroom Pictures (from my neighbor across the…

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Create balloon monsters with this free printable template and LED lit balloons

Printable Balloon Monsters

Create fun balloon monsters using our free printable template. To make them glow in the dark use illooms LED lit balloons

DIY Fruit Balloon - #art, #diy, craft

Ninja fruit chop party DIY Fruit Balloon--such a cute idea! Maybe use for the Fruits of the Spirit!