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Outdoor Wedding

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Brautpaar | @enii1505 & @pruden91
 • Location | @burgschwarzenstein
 • Traurednerin | @vergissmeinnicht.trauungen
 • Blumen | @blumenlaube_ffm

Braut | @ju.sajumi
 • Kleid | @allthefeelsbridal
 • Haare | @thuemmlerfrisuren
 • Blumen | @flores.floralesdesign.deko
 • Camper | @roadsurfer_camper
 • Wein | @winepope (Bruder vom Bräutigam)

Forest wedding

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Ganzes Video findest du hier : https://vimeo.com/757064442

Brautpaar | Noa & Sebastian (@noasophiehe & @sebabo722)
 • Location | Stromberger Neuhütte (Daxweiler)
 • Brautkleid | @elas_braeute
 • Make-up & Hair | @handhaarbeit
 • Blumen | @sophiakernfloraldesign
 • Crown/Headpeace | @perlenbraeute

Burg Hochzeit Mai 2022

Eine Burg Hochzeit ist ein märchenhafter Ort zum Heiraten - für jede Braut, die schon immer einmal im Leben Prinzessin sein wollte! 

#wedding2022 #weddingdestination

Ihr Lieben! Ich freue mich schon auf all die kommenden Shootings & Hochzeiten dieses Jahr! Seid ihr ein Paar bzw. solo und wünscht euch unvergessliche Momentaufnahmen? Ich freue mich auf eure Anfragen 🤍

Schreibt mir gerne ein Pm ✉️

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Engagement photography

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a bouquet of flowers and shoes on a window sill
Stacy + Sean | Rustic Elegance Under the Stars
I had such a great time photographing this couple’s special day. Sharing their unique vision, their beautiful love, and for curating a day that radiated as brightly as their dance floor.
a woman in a wedding dress holding a bouquet
Wedding Day Tips | Wedding Bouquets
All of decor and aesthetic elements are just a fun, stylish bonus. In this blog post I talk about the unsung hero of the big day — the bride's bouquet! These floral arrangements can steal the show and I give you some insight of some bouquet ideas for the bride.
a woman in a wedding dress holding a bouquet of flowers and smiling at the camera
Bridal Bouquet Ideas For The Bride
You stroll down the aisle, bouquet in hand, and BAM! It’s like the cherry on top of your wedding day sundae. The bride's bouquet definitely has an impact on the wedding day vibe– and your photos. In my blog post I explain why!
a bride and groom standing under an umbrella in the rain
Bride and Groom in The Rain
A great rainy day wedding tip that I liked to give to my couples is that this is a great way of treating yourself to some cute rain boots or investing in lots of clear umbrellas. As a wedding photographer I always keep a handful in my trunk for moments just like this. This essential rainy day "prop" is a great addition to making the most elegant photos.
a bride and groom holding umbrellas in the rain
Bride and Groom Rain Photos
What to do when rain is called for on your wedding day? Embrace it! Don't stress! The rain backdrop can actually create such beautiful photos of the bride and groom in the rain. Additionally, for my brides I would ask your makeup artist to provide some materials for touch-ups throughout the day to ensure you look your best despite the weather.
a table topped with wedding rings and jewelry
What to Gather for Your Detail Shots
When thinking about your detail shots consider reaching out to your florist for a few loose stems or greenery to complement your details. These floral accents can be artfully arranged around your invitation suite, rings, and other items, elevating the overall aesthetic of your detail shots.
three men in tuxedos standing on a dock
Wedding Day Tips for Family Photos
Organization is key when planning for your family photos on your wedding day. By providing a detailed list including the names and relations of each family member to your photographer can streamline the process and ensure that no important groupings are missed. Read about all my tips for family photos on my blog.
a bride and groom standing under an umbrella on top of a hill in the rain
Wedding Tips | Rainy Day
While a rainy wedding day may not sound like the ideal scenario, rest assured, we can turn those raindrops into a magical backdrop for your special day. In this blog post I will give you some rainy wedding day tips to help you weather the storm and make your rainy wedding day photos a magical occasion.
a bride and groom walking away from their wedding venue with an umbrella in the rain
Tips for The Bride and Groom | Rainy Day
Your wedding day is a celebration of love and commitment, rain or shine. Embracing the unexpected moments, like a rainy day, adds character and depth to your wedding story. Your photographer is there to ensure that every moment, rain or shine, is beautifully captured.
a bride and groom dancing in an archway
Rainy Wedding Day Tips
If the weather isn’t looking ideal, rest assured that your photographer has a plan. A big rainy day wedding tip is to TRUST your photographer. We do some extra location scouting to find places we can go for photos that keep you as dry as possible while still utilizing natural light. I’ve seen my fair share of rainy wedding days, and I know how to make the most of them and even create the most beautiful photos of the bride and groom in the rain.
a bride and groom kissing in front of a stone building with string lights on it
Luxury Wedding Bouquets
Want to channel your inner boho goddess? Or how about bring out the biggest princess vibe! Creating your bridal bouquet is one of the most important piece to your planning and can really bring out your luxurious vision in your photos.
a bride and groom walking under an umbrella
Tips For Rain on Your Wedding Day
The one thing no one can control on a wedding day? The weather. As a wedding day photographer, I often get asked, “What do you do on a rainy day?!” Well, lucky for my couples, you’ve hired a photographer who has seen it all! Something I can confidently say is that it will not take away from your wedding photos. If anything rainy day wedding photos are some of the most beautiful shots. Rest assured, here are some tips for rain on your wedding day.
a woman in a white dress holding a bouquet of flowers
Bride and Bouquet Photo Ideas
Whether you’re aiming for sophisticated elegance, modern chic, or avant-garde glamour, remember this — your bouquet is your ultimate accessory, so choose wisely. In this blog post I show case a handful of my favorite bouquets over the last couple of years and even gave you some bride & bouquet photo ideas.
two women and a baby are posing for a picture together in front of a building
Family Photo Inspo & Tips
Gathering relatives for family photos is not the most fun thing to do, especially when everyone is caught up in the excitement of the day. So one of my tips to avoid chaos is to assign the task of gathering family members to your wedding planner or an organized and assertive relative who knows everyone will make this process go a lot faster and organized. Want the rest of my tips? Read the full blog post!
two women in wedding dresses are talking to one another while the other woman is holding a bouquet
Wedding Day Tips | Sarah Brookhart Photography
One of my tips to making your family photos run smoothy is to stay focused and organized. With that we can make the most of our time and ensure that you and your family can enjoy your guests’ company at cocktail hour as soon as possible. More time also means more opportunities for us to capture organic, meaningful candids of you, your family, and your wedding guests.