: Bosphorus Bridge, the Bridge that belongs to Two Continents

We'll cross The Bosphorus Bridge, from Asia to Europe, at the start of the Istanbul Marathon. The bridge is m ft) long with a deck width of 39 m ft). The distance between the towers (main span) is m ft) and their height over road level is 105 m ft).

Anochece en Estambul, #Turquía.                                                                                                                                                      Más

Turkey Travel Inspiration - LOVE the power yet serenity of this photo. Taken from the Bosphorus shooting the silhouette of the Blue Mosque

Ayasofya/ Istanbul

Basilique Sainte-Sophie, Istanbul, Turkey - Hagia Sophia is a former Greek church, later an imperial mosque, and now a museum.

Kız Kulesi, İstanbul

By ©: Istanbul - Turkey 🇹🇷 👸🏼😢👇🏼 There are many legends about the construction of the tower and its location. According to the most popular Turkish legend, an emperor had a much beloved daughter and one day, an oracle prophesied that she wo

Konya , Turkey

The aerial view of Alaeddin Mosque is a Seljuk Architecture in Konya, Turkey

Türkiye.İstanbul.Eminönü. Kumkapı.Kadırgadan bir sokak

Türkiye.İstanbul.Eminönü. Kumkapı.Kadırgadan bir sokak