French Hot Beverages

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French tea time typically involves tea, hot chocolate or coffee and a sweet treats such as pastries or cake. brings you one step closer to Paris tea time with this selection of hot beverages! Buy online on your one-stop French grocery store feeds you on all things French in America. We ship promptly to everywhere in the USA. #french #frenchfood #France

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CARTE NOIRE COFFEE $9.90  PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  This flavorful ground coffee is a French favorite made of carefully roasted Arabica beans. The French love it for its full, well-balanced taste.  The packaging of Carte Noire coffee is designed to keep its aroma intact.  225 grams / 7.9 oz Ground Coffee, French Food, Roast, Beverages, Beans, Packaging, Product Description, Breakfast, Breakfast Cafe

Carte Noire Ground Coffee

This flavorful ground coffee is a French favorite made of carefully roasted Arabica beans. Free shipping over $75.

RICORÉ $8.70 Many French would not consider breakfast without Ricoré. This delicious instant drink made of chicory and coffee (and a touch of magnesium) is a natural booster. Add a cup of hot water or hot milk to three teaspoonfuls of Ricoré and get ready for the day!   100 grams / 3.5 oz Coffee Mix, French Food, Grocery Store, Hot Chocolate, Nutella, Tea Time, Sweet Treats, Breakfast, Beverages

Ricoré Chicory & Coffee Mix

Experience authentic French breakfast with this beloved classic. Free shipping over $75.

BANANIA $8.30 Delicious and healthy Banania, made with cocoa, cereals, honey and banana, has been French children's favorite for four generations. This breakfast mix can be consumed with cold or hot milk.  Banania is nearly one century old, and counting. It is hard to find a more emblematic French food.  400 grams / 14.1 oz French Kids, French Food, Melting Chocolate, Hot Chocolate, Funny Ads, Cacao, Vegetarian Chocolate, Sweet Memories, Vintage Ads

Banania Breakfast Mix

Made with cocoa, cereals, honey and banana, Banania has been a favorite of French kids for four generations. Free shipping over $75.

VERBENA $6.70 Verbena is a French favorite for after-meal herbal tea. Let a few leaves infuse in hot water, relax and enjoy the soothing effect of your tisane à la verveine.  The origin of Provence Epice dates back to the 1940's. The Marseille-based Laboratoire d'Herboristerie Générale started then as a merchant of herbs and spices. Today its successor Provence Epice carries a large variery of herbs, spices and related foods.  50 grams / 1.8 oz

Provence Épice Loose Verbena Leaves for Herbal Tea

Verbena is a French favorite for after-meal herbal tea. Enjoy its soothing effect. Free shipping over $75.

GRAND SUD HERBAL TEA $7.90 This soothing, flavorful herbal tea, with licorice and mint aromas, is most enjoyable after dinner or at bedtime.  A world-class company, Lipton has nevertheless caught up with French taste with a range of beverages aimed specifically for the French market.  42 grams / 1.5 oz (25 tea bags) Snack Recipes, Snacks, Lipton, French Food, Herbal Tea, Grocery Store, Bedtime, Hot Chocolate, Herbalism

Lipton Grand Sud Herbal Tea

This soothing herbal tea is perfect after dinner or at bedtime. Free shipping over $75.