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Snickers: You're not you when you're hungry, Sex Advertising    Advertising Agency: BBDO Moscow, Russia  Executive Creative Director: Igor Lutz  Creative Director: Adrian Ely  Art Directors: Balint Hajagos, Alexander Gorban  Writer: Andrey Yarynich, Alexander Tishkovskiy  Account Director: Irina Grase  Account Manager: Julia Martynova  Retoucher: James Lucas  Published: May 2012

“ Snickers: You’re not you when you’re hungry. Love Snickers’ campaign “you’re not you when you’re hungry”! The concept was developed behind universal insights that hunger makes a person weak and.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Tokyo, Japan  Group Creative Director: Kanji Miyagawa  Creative Director: Koichi Hosoya  Art Directors: Daisuke Suzuki, Yukika Anan  Copywriter: Yukika Anan  Producer: Yuta Sato  Production Company: Amana  Photographer: Makoto Horiuchi  Retoucher: Kazuyo Ohi  Assistant Producer: Katsuro Okunuki

wow looks like she is eating tuna sashimi :) Toku-Chan Korean BBQ House: Tongue Advertising Agency: Grey, Tokyo, Japan Group Creative Director: Kanji Miyagawa.

Volkswagen for safety - Elevator advertising

Elevator advertising targets an interested and varied audience, everyday just before key buying decisions are made. Key ad exposures include when consumers are leaving and returning from work, go to buy groceries or go out for evening entertainment.